Are you interested in joining a folk session?

The idea of this session is to start slow… we start as slowly as necessary so that everyone can join in, and maybe we gradually get faster.

We nominate a tune of the month so we know what to practice. If you prefer to read music, you can, and if you’d like to hear it and copy, that’s fine too. You are welcome to record what you hear at a session to copy later and I’ve tried to attach slow recordings here. Music and links are on the Tunes page. There are, when possible, some links to better performances. If you come across others, please do add them to the comments.

I’ve been inspired to learn and play much better thanks to Jane Griffiths and also to a slow session I’ve joined in Wantage and I thought it would be a nice thing to have a local one in Oxford. No doubt this will evolve as we do as players. The website is just a means of somewhere to park the music that we accumulate and share links.

We meet in the back room at the Gardeners Arms, Plantation Road, Oxford.
They serve vegetarian food from noon-8pm on Sundays.  Anyone with an instrument is welcome.

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