Two new tunes and session reminders

I’ve added two new tunes, a fairly easy popular Irish jig, Jimmy Ward’s favourite, and a lovely, trickier, mazurka, The Origin of the World.

And since this is a bank holiday weekend, there is not only the Euro-plus session at the White House on Sunday from 4.30pm, there is also a bandstand session from 3pm on Monday. End times are not fixed… but likely to be about two hours later. Tunes are also not fixed… for both of these sessions, it just depends on who turns up and what we can play together. Flo’s café, near the bandstand, will be open until 5pm, if you want an ice cream, cake or tea, or lunch beforehand.

And next weekend is our June Slow Session at the White House pub at 4pm (zoom included) Sunday 4th June.

Enjoy the sunshine!

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