Extra sessions

Sunday 26th March, 5.30pm

Ray says: “this Sunday’s EuroPlus session at the White House Pub (Abingdon Road) will take place as usual, but the White House inadvertently double-booked the upstairs room, so we will be playing downstairs this Sunday.  Since it’s crowded downstairs, it’s best to figure on showing up at 5:30 PM to give the diners more time to clear out, rather than 4:30 as I originally suggested last Sunday.  After this, we can try going back to 4:30. 

We have been playing a lot of Scandi and French stuff, but I’m eager to get more Scottish and Shetland music in there, and SlowSessionistas can certainly help with that!”

Sunday 2nd April, 4.30pm

April Slow Session as usual at 4.30pm.
There are two Tunes of the month:
The Millhouse (easier than it looks as both parts have inner repeats)
The Lancashire (or Old Lancashire)

Also Zoom for those who can’t make it to Oxford: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85012504012?pwd=T1A5MFowL1VXS1BlcHVVWTdrdEJNZz09

Sunday 16th April, 4pm

An extra session as part of the Oxford Folk Weekend
The full session list is not yet available… but will be posted on this page when they are arranged.

Hope to see you soon!

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