Happy December too!

The combination of Christmas parties and England’s World Cup progress means that we have been squeezed out of our usual location at the last minute… I did a really thorough search of other places yesterday when I heard and either places were booked, too small or wanted to charge us for sad spaces. And outdoors isn’t an option! Fortunately the Old Fire Station is both a nice place, happy to host us, even prepared to sell alcohol (as well as teas and coffees) as it is a special event and in central Oxford (George St). The only drawback is that they need us gone and the place clear to lock up at 5pm, so we need to start early.

December Slow Session: 2pm start at Old Fire Station Café (entrance only from George St)

On the other hand, why not come along early and join us for lunch? Damascas Rose is providing food and we know they are delicious from our experience of Flo’s Cafe in Florence Park. I’ll be there from 1pm, so feel free to join me. And if you are busy, because of the changed time, I’m so so sorry and I hope we will see you in January (Second Sunday) 8th at 4pm.

Tomorrow, the Friday 2nd December is also Bandcamp Friday… an opportunity to purchase music and all the proceeds go directly to the musician…

For example: 

Jon Fletcher has a new album out with Magpie Lane:

And his page:

And Magpie Lane is doing a Christmas Concert at the Holywell Music Rooms on 3.30pm and 7pm on Saturday 3rd Dec and several other gigs too:

Tickets for Holywell: Tickets Oxford



Spiers and Boden

Owl Light Trio

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