Extra Sunday Sessions…

Michael is organising sessions at 3.30pm at the Florence Park bandstand for the next three Sundays… so do come along and pass the message along…
Best wishes, Suke 

On 9 June 2021 at 14:24:51, Michael Gross (michaelgrr@yahoo.co.uk) wrote:

Dear All, 

the weather forecast is looking glorious for this Sunday, so we could use the Florence Park bandstand for shadow rather than shelter … 

Let’s have a session from 3:30 onwards again, on the theme of anything goes, just come and share your tunes. On the Bank Holiday Monday we played Scandi, French, Galician and Slow Session tunes – the latter two can be read from sheet music I have in my bag. 

Weather permitting I am also aiming to have sessions on the remaining two Sundays in June, 20th and 27th. To save electrons and the patience of list members, I will only send out reminders for those dates to those who have taken part or expressed interest. 



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