Link to Zoom session for Sunday 19th April 2.30pm

Dear Slow Sessionistas

The link for our Slow Session as part of the Oxford Folk Weekend on Sunday 19th April at 2.30pm
When you are logged in to the virtual session room you’ll need to go to the audio settings of Zoom (you’ll find these near the mute button) and in the “Advanced” section you should check the box to enable original sound, and disable both the options for background noise suppressing. This will give you a better sound when playing over Zoom.
You can access the session room in advance of our session to check it all works.
But if you are having problems, please email or ring me (0770 935 2834) BEFORE the session starts at 2.30pm
In the Zoom “Chat” you can write down which tunes you would like to play and volunteer to lead them if you fancy.
Just to remind you, you need to be muted (unless you are leading the tune), otherwise the sound cuts in and out for everyone. You can play along with us playing or you can volunteer to lead a tune yourself and we will all play with you. We won’t hear each other, only the person(s) leading the tune.
If you are joining us on a violin or an instrument that plays loudly in your ear, I recommend using headphones so that you can hear the person playing. Computer sound alone is not really sufficient.
I’m really sorry that a Zoom session is not nearly as much fun as a real one. If you’re feeling very shy, you might enjoy it, but really it is more fun at a real session and there we also can’t hear individuals if you make a wrong note as there are so many of us making music together that only the tune can be heard. But the thrill of playing together is the essence of music and I’m sorry that Zoom does not capture that joy.
But it will be lovely to see you.
And there are lots of other good shows on at the Oxford Folk Weekend:
especially Jon Fletcher at 1pm on Sunday 19th (free concert)
I hope you are all staying well and finding some time to practice in these difficult times.
Best wishes,

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