Euro / Scandi / Shetland session on Sunday 4.30pm

Dear Sessionistas,

I thought you might be tempted to try out Ray’s new session at the White House Pub on the 4th Sunday of the month… starting this Sunday 27th Feb at 4.30pm with the focus on Euro/ Scotland /Orkney and Shetland tunes.

Depending on numbers, Ray plans to be downstairs but if too many might move upstairs.

If you want to find a list of the Scottish tunes that are on the Slow Session website, scroll to the bottom of the Tune of the month page where there is a list of the tunes that are mostly Irish and a list of the tunes that are mostly Scottish.

Best wishes,


Happy New Year!

Dear Slow Sessionistas, 
Happy New Year…  

I hope you are well and keen to play tunes…
The January Slow Session is at 3.30pm Sunday 2nd January upstairs in the White House Pub on Abingdon Road.

And if you fancy something faster, James Bell is hosting the Bastard English Session at the Isis Farmhouse Pub  tonight from 9pm to midnight. It will be in the marquee at the back with the sides open. The Pub is charging £10 for entry (to all the gigs on tonight) but has told James that he can have a list of Session attendees that will be free… To get on his list, email him ( or message him via Facebook

The Slow Session tune of the month for January is our new tune Out on the Ocean. And don’t forget to say any other tunes you’ve been practicing and want to play. We’ll play lots of the easier tunes in the first hour. You might want to have a go at Carraroe as it goes nicely into Out on the Ocean.
We have moved to The White House Pub (upstairs) on the Abingdon Road. Do please buy a drink (or tea) from the pub and bring it upstairs. It’s nice if we buy stuff as that makes the pub keen to give us the room for free.
Do come and join us. It is definitely more fun playing together in person than over zoom… but you can join on zoom too (password – if required = slow), so you can join either way. 

We look forward to seeing you in person or on screen.
Zoom session: to find the pub and parking:
The traffic going to The Westgate Centre car park is very slow at the moment, so I really recommend walking or cycling to the pub!

Three new tunes and some Christmas carols

David suggested we added the Battle of the Somme to follow McCrea’s Delight, Hannah suggested that we added Cooley’s Reel and I couldn’t resist Carraroe, after learning Out on the Ocean last month… and then I thought perhaps we ought to try a few Christmas tunes

I hope you can come along tomorrow to our December session, and if not, hope to see you in January 2022. Our lovely new venue, upstairs in the White House Pub is warm and welcoming.

Extra Sessions in Oxford…

On Sunday 21st Nov, Louis is hosting a Tap Social Session at the White House Pub at 3.30pm… lots of good tunes including many familiar slow session tunes (probably played a bit faster!) 

On Tuesday 23rd Nov, Ray and Ed are hosting the Scandi / Euro session in Wolvercote Village Hall from 8.30pm. Bring your own refreshments and cake to share… and bring your own  shot glass if you want to taste Ray’s “home-spiced Kajsa-Warg akvavit”

Keep well everyone and hope to see and/or hear you soon!

Free Ceilidh: 4-5.30pm Sat 9th Oct, Faringdon market place

Dear Slow Sessionistas,
I cannot recommend this ceilidh band highly enough. They make dancing joy!
And free! And Open air! And in the afternoon!

Unfortunately I am organising my mother’s memorial, otherwise I would definitely definitely be there… So dance for me too and enjoy!

Saturday 9 October, 4-5.30pm, Faringdon Market Place (S6 bus from Oxford every 30 mins)

The Dirty Big Canal Dance Band (in slightly scaled-down form as the Little Big Canal Dance Band!) is playing a ceilidh, outside, for real! Jane, Colin, and the mighty Jo(h)ns; Fletcher (Magpie Lane) and Ruddock (Xogara, Rholben) are delighted to reunite with brilliant caller Jane Bird. There’ll be an emphasis on keeping things safe and joyous, and Jane B will call dances that work in small groups. And it’s free! Come and dance your socks off with us! 

This dance has been put on by the lovely people of Oxfolk Ceilidhs, in partnership with ‘Folk Weekend Oxford On Tour’, who have created a one-day mini-festival in Faringdon. There are sessions, Morris, and gigs going on all day, culminating in a concert by the incomparable Nancy Kerr and James Fagan. Details of all the events as part of the day are available here:

FWOT Faringdon

Have a great day!

Best wishes,

More summer Sunday Sessions

Michael is hosting sessions every Sunday in August at the Florence Park Bandstand.

I’m planning on going along most Sundays (can’t make 29th only) and more than likely will rope in some family members too…

If a few Slow Sessionistas come along, then we can play slow session tunes. And if others turn up, then there will be some tunes we don’t know but might like to learn…

All sessions start at 3.30pm. There will not be zoom.

Hopefully this provides some opportunities to play music together in-between holidays and other commitments.

Don’t forget, Flo’s Cafe sells delicious Syrian food on Sundays (before 3pm) and cakes, teas, coffees etc until 5pm

The next Slow Session for your diary is 5th September, with the Fiery Clockface as the tune of the month.