Kerr’s Jig

Peter learned this by listening to the fantastic Carolina Chocolate Drops and wanted a good Banjo tune….

You can preview the Carolina Chocolate Drops playing it on itunes (or buy it there for 99p) or listen to it on youtube. There are lots of good films of the Carolina Chocolate Drops (and well worth the watching!) on youtube, but I’m yet to find one of them playing this particular jig.

Thanks to a helpful suggestion below and playing around by some friends, here’s a version with some chords added… they sort of work but perhaps the C major in the B part should be a Cm.

I’m sorry but I had a version here with a repeat mark for the B part, but I’ve managed to remove that now… (but not yet for the viola clef, so please ignore that mistake!) and here’s a corrected copy now.

Pdf is Kerr’s Jig.



And for the viola or cello (and pdf):




One thought on “Kerr’s Jig

  1. For chords:
    A part) Dm | / | / | / | / | / | / | / | x2
    B part) Gm | / | / | / | Dm | / | Gm | / |
    Gm | / | / | / | Dm | / | (Gm) | Dm |

    Playing around with resolving the phrases on the B part.
    I’m sure you could do it differently or dress it up, but also less can be more.
    Thanks for setting out the melody! Great song.
    Cheers from Canada

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