2 thoughts on “A few tunes in alto clef

  1. Great to see these available, I am really interested in the viola in folk sessions! One of these settings is incredibly high though, stratospheric, in fact…

    1. I’m sorry about this. I think you must be talking about the section in the Galtee Hunt which jumps up onto the E string. I think that the new clef doesn’t really solve the problem for either viola or flute players and really they need that small part a whole octave lower. Unfortunately we don’t play this tune very often because it requires such a range. I wrote it out on software that no longer works, but if you’d really like to play it, I could be persuaded to write it out again in new software and put that bar a whole lot lower… it is an excellent tune so worth it! I have to confess that I solved the problem for myself by finding a 5-string violin so that I can be a viola or a violin and many of the tunes I can now play in either octave. This is really useful for attending workshops which are usually directed at fiddle players… and I’m hopeless at reading the viola clef because I learned tunes by heart rather than by reading music. I’m not sure that I’m really helping you, though… but if you have tunes that you’d really like (especially newer ones that I can still access the music for), then I can change the clef and put them up on the website. I stopped doing it as viola players stopped attending our session.

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